• Online Bill Presentment - enables invoices to be delivered electronically -giving the citizen access to their bill wherever they are and allowing print and mail costs to be eliminated. Access to previous month/quarter/annual statements enables the citizen to ensure correct application of payments reducing calls to customer service.
  • IVR and Online Bill Payment - enables your citizens to have a self-service system with full functionality to make payments from multiple payment accounts enhancing their level of convenience and satisfaction and accelerating your cash receipt and risk of disconnect. 
  • Mobile Bill Payment  - the most advanced and cutting edge option that is being adopted within Gen Y today. This feature further enhances the convenience factor and allows for 'on the go' payments for all citizens with hectic lifestyles or for heavy travelers. Notification reminders are sent via text message, and with just a couple of replies the payment is made. As with all of FirsTech payment solutions, Real Time Payment Posting enables you to monitor your payments throughout the course of any given business day.
  • Walk-in Payments - an extensive payment network of walk-in agents around the country.  These agents include check cashing stores, grocery and convenience stores, banks and others that receive payments from customers efficiently and securely through a clerk assisted, internet based processing solution.  This solution is ideal for your "unbanked" communities.
  • Direct Debit Auto Pay - for those citizens who don't even want to have to click a button, this solution allows the account the citizen selects for payment to be automatically debited on an agreed to date each month.
  • Lockbox - provides the ultimate in check remittance security with Check 21 imaging and storage. The expedient processing of traditional paper payments includes next day deposit and a robust posting file, streamlining the account reconciliation process.

Most of our government clients are leading the charge relative to demonstrating efforts to support a more "green" approach to conducting day to day transactions. Some jurisdictions have gone as far as to require certain businesses within their governing area to institute "green" initiatives or be in danger of a fine. 

Through leveraging electronic payment capabilities provided by FirsTech, our clients can lead by example relative to elimination of paper and drive much needed cost savings and cash acceleration in the process.

Due to the unique requirements of  Government clients, FirsTech allows a great level of flexibility for this sector in regard to how the solution is deployed. We take a highly customizable approach but still have the confidence that the solutions are deployed specifically to support their interactions with their citizens.