• Online Bill Presentment  - enables invoices to be delivered electronically -giving the customer access to their bill wherever they are and allowing print and mail costs to be eliminated. Access to previous month's statements enables the consumer to ensure correct application of payments reducing calls to customer service.
  • IVR and Online Bill Payment - enables your customers to have a self-service system with full functionality to make payments from multiple payment accounts enhancing their level of convenience and satisfaction and accelerating your cash receipt and risk of disconnect.  
  • Mobile Bill Payment is the most advanced and cutting edge option that is being adopted within utilities today. This feature further enhances the convenience factor and allows for 'on the go' payments for all customers with hectic lifestyles or for heavy travelers. Notification reminders are sent via text message, and with just a couple of replies the payment is made. As with all of FirsTech payment solutions, Real Time Payment Posting enables you to monitor your payments throughout the course of any given business day.
  • Direct Debit - for those customers who don't even want to have to click a button, this solution allows the account the consumer selects for payment to be automatically debited on an agreed to date each month.
  • Customer Service Payments - enables your Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) to receive a call from a customer requesting to make a payment, access the customer's account and accept a payment on the customer's behalf.  As with all FirsTech solutions, since payments are posted real-time, the customer can speak to a live representative and ensure their payment has been processed - to avoid disconnects or just to have confidence that their payment has been received. 
  • Walk-in Payments - an extensive payment network of walk-in agents around the country.  These agents include check cashing stores, grocery and convenience stores, banks and others that receive payments from customers efficiently and securely through a clerk assisted, internet based processing solution.
  • Lockbox - provides the ultimate in check remittance security for the utility and the customer with Check 21 imaging and storage. The expedient processing of traditional paper payments includes next day deposit and robust posting file, streamlining the account reconciliation process.
  • Electronic Payment Consolidation - enables the utility to consolidate disparate methods of accepting payments, including in-house and third party collection agencies.  Payment streams from multiple sources are consolidated into a single deposit and single remittance file providing one interface into your AR system as well as a single source for visibility into all payment activity.

Our utility clients who capitalize on the multiple options made available through FirsTech's suite of capabilities have demonstrated tremendous success in addressing their most complex business challenges. Key benefits include: increasing top line revenue growth, driving process efficiency, accelerating cash receipt, reducing DSO, and enhancing market differentiation.

FirsTech's depth of experience in partnering with utilities to implement robust payments solutions enables us to provide new clients with best practice expertise not only around what is effective in the industry, but also pitfalls to avoid.

Focused solely on providing the most comprehensive set of payment capabilities on the market, we ensure our clients have the most secure and compliant alternatives available to enhance their business and build their customer relationships.

With over 27 years in the payments processing industry, FirsTech offers our clients the confidence that we are following the strictest "Best Practices" in the industry. This combined with an impeccable security history of meeting and exceeding all Standards for Attestation Engagements No. 16 (SSAE16, formerly SAS70),  FirsTech offers our clients the same level of assurance they offer their customers - that the service will always be ready and available when needed - with security, first rate service and complete customer satisfaction.