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Provide customers a progressive way to pay with Integrated LoanPay. The all-in-one loan payment solution is flexible, convenient and adaptable—allowing borrowers to choose the way they repay through integrated payment capabilities, providing a premier loan payment experience.

Integrated LoanPay includes any or all of the following payment methods:

•  Check
•  Direct Debit
•  Online Bill Pay
•  Customer Service Payments
•  Lockbox Processing
•  e-Lockbox Processing

This comprehensive suite of payment options provides an all-in-one solution for businesses who want multi-channel payment capabilities.

Providing additional payment options to loan-paying customers, Integrated LoanPay streamlines payment options for an all-in-one solution.

  • Puts payment options in the customer's hands-allowing receivables to be more easily collected from your customers
  • Provides multiple unique loan payment options under one vendor rather than simply mailing a check
  • Payment data is transmitted and posted in real time-improving cash flow
  • Real time transaction detail is available-reducing costs associated with potential late payments
  • Payment activity can be researched online in seconds for efficient processes
  • Major capital expenditures to build and/or maintain an in-house solution are avoided
  • Manpower and other resources can be reallocated to high value tasks for increased efficiency 

Cash receipt is accelerated, channels are streamlined and customers are informed-enhancing overall satisfaction.

  • Accelerated cash receipt-resulting in DSO reduction and working capital optimization
  • Streamlined electronic channels for LoanPay customers-assisting in reducing processing expenses
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction through choice in payment option between multiple solutions
  • Accurate customer information and fewer returned payments and posting errors
  • Improved operational efficiency by eliminating manual effort and reallocating resources
  • Increased efficiency and reduced integration costs-only one file exchange and one deposit!

FirsTech hosts a loan payment processing webpage with your logo and branding, linked from your website to our secure processing servers. 

  • Payment fields are fully customizable
  • Lockbox Loan Solution is enhanced with Creditron/LPC-a web based self-service research tool that provides secure and encrypted access to archived customer payment data, including images of checks/stubs
  • Customizable payment history and reporting products are available for secure customer viewing and printing

FirsTech offers a comprehensive suite of loan payment processing solutions to cater to the needs of your organization and customers.

  • Options are available to customize the site to the client's exact technical specification and have the look and feel of the client's website
  • Our customized and personal level of service ensures rapid turn-around timeframes for requests
  • System security options are fully customizable
  • Funds are secure as all processed funds are delivered directly to client's account in real-time
  • All support personnel are local and fully accessible 24/7
  • FirsTech provides over 30+ years' experience in providing clients with best-practice expertise both in regard to what works well and pit-falls to avoid
  • We are a leader in new technology solutions that meet market demands by virtue of our dedication of gathering our clients' input into the product development roadmap 

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