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To enable our clients to support those customers within their organization who prefer a traditional approach to submitting a payment, FirsTech provides a robust lockbox remittance processing service. Our clients' customers can send their payments to a designated PO box(es), and FirsTech collects and processes these payments directly into the client's account. Contact us today to learn more about our 35 years experience processing lockbox payments.

Unique to FirsTech’s lockbox payment solution is our Remote Image Archival System. This allows clients to quickly respond to customer inquiries by researching payment activity and viewing clear stub images online in seconds. All image are stored online for up to 12 months prior to being archived for an agreed upon period of time.  An experienced lockbox service provider, FirsTech’s exception processing accurately handles items such as customer correspondence, NSF checks and unidentified checks.

FirsTech's Lockbox Solution automates check handling - no more remittance processing by your organization.  As a result, payment float time is minimized and cash flow is optimized.

  • Our lockbox payment services speed up collection of funds - minimizing payment float time and optimizing cash flow*
  • Exception items are processed accurately and in a timely manner
  • Payment Activity can be researched online in seconds
  • Major capital expenditure required to build and/or maintain an in-house solution are avoided
  • Manpower and other resources can be reallocated to high value-add activities for better efficiency

*Since FirsTech utilizes Check21 processing, all check items received in the lockbox and drawn off a United States bank will have one day float assigned to the funds.

Improved operational efficiency is achieved by eliminating manual effort associated with cash application, allowing resources to be reallocated to higher-value add activities.

  • Accelerated cash receipt resulting in DSO reduction and working capital optimization
  • Improved operational efficiency by eliminating manual effort and reallocating  resources
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction through provision of their desired payment option
  • Faster response to exception items enabled by improved research capability
  • Lower payment processing costs
  • Increased efficiency and reduced integration costs - through FirsTech's one link, one file exchange!!

Latest high-speed transports and image software technology allow for same day remote access to processed items.

  • Enhanced with NetQuery - a web based self-service research tool that provides secure and encrypted access to archived customer payment data
  • Mark Sense Technology - eliminates the process of identifying address changes or gathering market or survey information manually - images are sent to customer daily
  • Character Amount Recognition (CAR) and Legal Amount Recognition (LAR)

Providing more payment options; Accelerating cash; Reducing internal costs; Taking customer satisfaction to a new level; Negating process inefficiencies; Eliminating security risk; Reinforcing your market leadership.

FirsTech is your Partner for business success!

  • Firstech offers a comprehensive suite of payment processing solutions to cater to every need - both yours and your customers
  • Options are available to customize the site to the Client's exact technical specification and have the look and feel of the Client's website
  • Our customized and personal level of service ensures rapid turn-around timeframes for requests
  • System security options are fully customizable
  • Funds are secure as all processed funds are delivered directly to Client's account in real-time
  • All support personnel are local and fully accessible 24/7
  • Firstech provides over 30+ years of experience in providing Clients with best-practice expertise both in regard to what works well and pit-falls to avoid
  • We are a leader in new technology solutions that meet market demands by virtue of our dedication of gathering our Clients' input into the product development roadmap

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