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To assist our client's in authenticating their customers, FirsTech provides an Identification Verification (VerID) Solution.  VerID provides a way for payment locations to positively identify customers so that service can be established in their name with complete confidence of residence and identity.

Customers provide key profile information such as name, service address, phone number and primary and secondary sources of identification. FirsTech authenticates the information and once the customer has been positively identified in the system, the information is transmitted to the client.  A receipt is also electronically printed for the customer stating that the identity verification data was provided to the client.

Provides a safe and efficient option to validate customer information as all FirsTech submissions are protected by VeriSign.

  • Leverage an already existing network of authorized nationwide agents to receive payments as well as process and verify your customer data so you can establish service with confidence
  • FirsTech manages the data collection letting internal resources be used more efficiently
  • FirsTech delivers all the back end systems required with no major technology effort or expense
  • Increases the number of access points to the clients services

Investments in infrastructure development and maintenance to support customer verification are avoided.

  • Processing expense reduction and operational efficiencies as a result of not having to invest in infrastructure or maintain separate customer verification tools
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction through quicker authentication process allowing them to begin conducting business faster therefore accelerating revenue generation
  • Flexible reporting solution allows visibility to all data and provides a robust audit tool
  • Increased efficiency and reduced integration costs - through FirsTech's one link, one file exchange!

Easy screen prompted system makes the customer verification process quick and effortless and the number of data transmittals received daily is configurable.

  • Forms of customer identification are fully customizable to your need
  • Built into the payment acceptance portal and is easily accessible to walk-in agents
  • 24/7 support is available for system software/hardware support and troubleshooting
  • Flexible reporting solution

Providing more payment options; Accelerating cash; Reducing internal costs; Taking customer satisfaction to a new level; Negating process inefficiencies; Eliminating security risk; Reinforcing your market leadership.

FirsTech is your Partner for business success!

  • FirsTech offers a comprehensive suite of payment processing solutions to cater to every need - both yours and your customers
  • Options are available to customize the site to the client's exact technical specification and have the look and feel of the client's website
  • Our customized and personal level of service ensures rapid turn-around timeframes for requests
  • System security options are fully customizable
  • Funds are secure as all processed funds are delivered directly to client's account in real-time
  • All support personnel are local and fully accessible 24/7
  • FirsTech provides over 30+ years of experience in providing clients with best-practice expertise both in regard to what works well and pit-falls to avoid
  • We are a leader in new technology solutions that meet market demands by virtue of our dedication of gathering our clients' input into the product development roadmap

Solutions for Efficiency

All of the "circle of success" solutions improve operational efficiency, but for clients struggling with multiple payment streams and multiple payment solutions, we bring even greater efficiency to bear. Electronic Payments Concentration combines payments from differing payments networks or FIs into a single deposit and remittance file. If identification verification need streamlining, our VerID solution provides a way for payment locations to positively identify customers.

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