Since its inception in 1997, FirsTech has proudly participated in the Utility Payment Conference-exploring industry trends and sharing ideas through discussions. Topics included:

  • mobile trends,
  • risk management,
  • customer service,
  • ACH payment basics,
  • and NACHA initiatives regarding biller exceptions.

The event, which was held in Baltimore, Maryland on October 20-23, provided us the opportunity to showcase our innovative mobile solutions by engaging attendees in an exciting giveaway.

To enter to win a tablet, we invited attendees to try our mobile product. Here's how it worked:

Day 1 - Mobile Platform Enrollment Demo

  • Using an iPad and WIFI, we enrolled attendees into the mobile payment platform, right at the booth.

    Mobile Payment Platform (register)
  • Upon registration, participants received a code on their mobile phone, which we entered into our verification interface on the mobile product.

Day 2 - SMS Notification and Confirmation

  • Attendees who registered received bill due notices via text messages on their mobile phone.

    Mobile Payment Platform (mobile)
  • Participants responded via text message, confirming their bill payment, and received notification that their bill was paid.

The feedback we received on our mobile solution was overwhelmingly positive. Participants were impressed that a mobile payment could be so:

  • fast,
  • easy,
  • secure,
  • intuitive,
  • and available on any mobile phone.

Attendees were excited that this functionality could be connected seamlessly to their current secure website-eliminating the need to develop a separate app for every operating system. We demonstrated the technology using every mobile phone imaginable, including: BlackBerry®, iPhone®, SAMSUNG®, MOTOROLA®, Microsoft®, etc.

Additional benefits identified by participants, included:

  • ease of use for consumers to make full or partial payments;
  • more on-time payments;
  • less accounts overdue;
  • and increased consumer satisfaction.

In addition to the tablet giveaway, which was awarded to the City of Garland, Texas, Ameren won a $25 Busey MasterCard® Gift Card, which is the financial holding company of FirsTech, just for visiting us at the UPC.

Whether you prefer online and mobile capabilities or traditional solutions, FirsTech can confidently meet all of your payment processing needs with our comprehensive suite of capabilities. For a complete look at our products and services, visit

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