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The Importance of Innovation and IT Webinar

Do you know the critical success factors for strengthening your organization's ability to create innovative solutions? Many businesses realize the importance of fostering innovation to remain competitive but they may need guidance or additional IT resources to achieve company growth initiatives. FirsTech has created innovative products for over 30 years.

Join Josh Andrews, VP of IT Solutions, and Wayne Brown, Managing Partner of The Walker Group, as they discuss best practices on how to utilize IT to improve the innovation process.

This 60-minute webinar will include the opportunity for real time questions and will provide valuable insight into the role that IT has in developing a sound innovation strategy.

Webinar Topics:

  • Why it is important to focus on innovative technologies
  • What role IT has in the innovation process
  • IT Development best practices

The Following Questions Will be Answered:

  • How should companies partner with Technology Service Providers to deliver positive results?
  • What should be considered when deciding to develop solutions in house or outsource?
  • How can a partnership with an IT partner accelerate the development cycle and expedite product launch?

Webinar scheduled for 1 pm Central Time on Oct 12, Webex information is below:

Josh Andrews

Josh Andrews
VP Technology Solutions, FirsTech, Inc

Wayne Brown

Wayne Brown
Managing Partner, The Walker Group


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