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For those customers who don't want to wait on the US Postal Service to either get their bill or have their payments posted, FirsTech enables our clients to offer Electronic Bill Presentment, On-line Bill Payment and Mobile Payment options. Through all of these options, our clients benefit from accelerated cash receipt and reduced DSO.

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Flexibility and Convenience

Many customers want the flexibility and convenience of paying wherever they are. FirsTech supports Walk-in Bill Payments, enables our clients' Customer Service Representatives to take payments over the phone or through an IVR. And, for the ultimate convenience, with Direct Debit, monies are withdrawn automatically from the customer account.

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All of the "circle of success" solutions improve operational efficiency, but for clients struggling with multiple payment streams and multiple payment solutions, we bring even greater efficiency to bear. Electronic Payments Concentration combines payments from differing payments networks or FIs into a single deposit and remittance file.

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Traditional Needs

While the world is quickly moving to electronic, there will most likely always be a need to handle paper in some capacity. To streamline that process and ensure all of our clients' payment needs can be handled through a single capabilities provider, FirsTech also provides Lockbox services to facilitate capture of traditional payment instruments.

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