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Being an Authorized Walk-In Bill Payment Center  with FirsTech, has many advantages to your business, for your customers and for your community.  As an Bill Pay Center with FirstTech, customers will be able to pay their bills in person at your location.  Collecting your customers utility, water, cell phone, cable, satellite, prepaid cellular and many other bills, is a great service to offer.  FirsTech's In-Personal Bill Pay System is a service that will increase foot-traffic to your business and increase revenue.  Adding FirsTech Bill Pay, is a quick and easy process.    

What Are The Benefits Of Being A FirsTech Bill Pay Center?

All business owners are looking to increase revenue and to provide additional services to their customers.  Being more competitive in your market, by offering supplementary services like Walk-In Bill Pay, will set you apart.  Even more...being a Bill Payment Center will increase customer retention.  At the end of the day...the more often customers come through your doors, the healthier your bottom-line will be.  Your customers will appreciate you offering Bill Pay.

  • Increase foot-traffic to your business
  • Provide valuable customer service to your community
  • Increase your passive sales revenue-Competitive fee share agreements
  • Increase your retail/service sales revenue
  • Marketing assistance options
  • 24/7, Domestic, IT Service and Agent Service Call Centers
  • Wide array of Same Day Posting options
  • Easy to use web-based application

Why Should You Offer Bill Pay Services?

Your partnership with FirsTech Bill Pay is exactly that, a partnership.  As a Bill Payment Center you will earn commissions for each transaction you process.  FirsTech handles all the heavy lifting and we fully support all the software and hardware for your Bill Payment Service.

  • Earn money for collecting bill payments
  • No cost  to become a Bill Pay location
  • Collect customer bill payments for major national utility companies
  • Load Minutes in Real-Time for Prepaid Cellular customers 
  • Provide your customers bill paying access to thousands of companies - Power, water, sewer, cellular, satellite, cable, insurance and thousands more... 
  • Offer real-time and same-day payment postings for bill payments
  • Increase customer retention and loyalty
  • Greatly increase foot-traffic to your location

Your customers are looking for businesses that offer a wide variety of goods and services.  Walk-In Bill Pay is a specialized service that will compliment your existing offerings for your regular customers and also attract new customers.  Studies have shown that it is more difficult to get new customers than it is to keep your existing customers.  Adding Bill Pay, will put you ahead of your competition.

What are the steps to become a Bill Payment Center?

Applying to become a Walk-In Bill Pay Agent,  is the first step in registering your business to accept In-Person Bill Payments.  Whether you are a;  Grocery Store Change, Local Market, Check Casher, Currency Exchange, Cellular Store, Bank, Municipality, Convenient Store or a Multi-services Business, we value your partnership and we guarantee your customers will value your new Walk-In Bill Pay Service.

The Bill Pay Center Registration is simple and only takes a few minutes...

  • Click  Apply Now  for registration sign-up
  • Fill out a short registration & application
  • Wait for the Bill Payment Center  Team to contact you

*Approximate turn around time is 24 hours