From Home Depot and Target to Sony Pictures and Primera Blue Cross, businesses are oftentimes targets of cybercriminals. No industry is immune from significant data breaches.

Although it sounds simple enough, the process of registering as a Third Party Servicer/Provider with Visa® and MasterCard® is fairy complex. FirsTech learned this first hand with our recent registration.

FirsTech has long been a payment technology provider of choice for its approach to solutions from the client’s perspective. As technology evolves and available payment options continue to expand, one thing is certain - the old payment methods never seem to go out of style. When, exactly, will cash and check writing be obsolete?

With increased scrutiny of ACH transactions by regulators and lawmakers, NACHA will continue to drive fraud out of the network and retain its position as the rulemaking body. In Our Blog, Melody Lashmar - Executive Vice President of FirsTech - outlines what the future holds for ACH and who will be accountable. 

The Affordable Care Act, which requires Americans to carry health insurance, poses a challenge for the ‘unbanked’ and ‘underbanked.’ In Our Blog - Melody Lashmar, Executive Vice President of FirsTech, tackles this dilemma and explains how insurers can cater to these consumers.

Vijay Krishnan - Senior Vice President, Operations and Project Management Manager at FirsTech - outlines online banking exceptions and how your business can avoid these costly mistakes.

The future is here: mobile pay. It’s an exciting time for consumers and businesses alike. Melody Lashmar, Executive Vice President of FirsTech, explains why incorporating mobile into your strategy is essential to your success in Our Blog.

NACHA – The Electronic Payments Association® unveils updates and changes to the ACH Network. Larry Coleman, Senior Operations Manager at FirsTech, walks us through what we can expect in the coming years in Our Blog.

Did you know customers are most likely to answer your call Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays? FirsTech has made nearly 400,000 outbound calls last year alone through Interactive Voice Response (IVR). Read Our Blog to learn how you can provide a premier customer experience through this technology.