Master Payment Processing Services Agreement

EBPP Platform Services Schedule Addendum

1. Services

FirsTech will provide electronic bill presentment and payment services and an integrated customer “billing center” module as part of its online bill payment solution (the “EBPP Platform”) including access to the EBPP Platform for Client’s staff and customers.

2. Customization

The EBPP platform will be customized per Client requirements to allow Client to:

(a) Make an immediate one-time payment without sign-in or registration
(b) Register or Opt in/Opt out of mobile payments
(c) Make a scheduled Bill Payment
(d) View Bill Detail
(e) Save payment sources for future use
(f) Enroll/Cancel/Maintain Auto-Pay
(g) View Notifications sent to customers
(h) View Payment History (all sources)
(i) View Account Changes
(j) Ability to register or opt in/out of Auto Pay and notifications
(k) View detail related to E-Lockbox/Concentration Payments
(l) Provide email Confirmation of Account Activities
(m) Customized Back End Reporting Tools

All customizations will be owned by FirsTech. FirsTech grants to Client a limited, revocable, non-exclusive license to use such customizations solely in connection with the EBPP Platform during the term of the Agreement.

3. Notifications

FirsTech will manage the email notifications and management per Client ‘s business requirements, including but not limited to:

(a) Email addresses will be validated upon registration
(b) FirsTech will support special messaging as permissible

4. Information

Client’s obligation to provide information under Section 3.3 of the Agreement will include a minimum of a Customer database provided to FirsTech by Client or Client’s assigned agent via a secure set up such as a mutually agreeable SFTP site. The Client customer database will be regularly updated on a mutually agreed upon schedule to reflect all Client Customer information that is necessary to perform obligations as set under this Services Schedule.  Client will also provide FirsTech with access to appropriate customer enrollment data to assist with the Single Sign-On integration.