Master Payment Processing Services Agreement

eLockbox Payments Services Schedule Addendum

1. Services

FirsTech will perform the following:

(a) Each business day, access customer payment data and related information from various sources with whom FirsTech has established a relationship to effectuate electronic payments for Client.

(b) Separate and reformat the data to Client’s specifications and transmit all customer payments to Client in agreed upon format and at the agreed upon time each Processing Day.

(c) Provide Client’s check digit logic and proper number of digits per customer account to the various sources from which Client’s data is received to ensure all data received is verified and accurate.

(d) Deposit funds received into Client’s designated deposit bank account.

(e) Research and process exception items or non-executable transactions as follows:

i. FirsTech will notify Client via email, telephone or fax to obtain correct account information

ii. FirsTech’s systems will run edit checks prior to submitting corrections through to Client for posting.

(f) Provide Client with a monthly report summary of the number of payment transactions processed and all funds collected.  This monthly report will be faxed or transmitted to the Client as requested.