Master Payment Processing Services Agreement

Mobile Bill Payments Services Schedule Addendum

1. Client System Access

Client will provide its employees and agents authorized by Client (“Authorized Users”) with use of its automated Mobile Bill Payment System (the “Client System”).  Authorized Users will be permitted access to the Client System and will be able to enter information that will transmit to FirsTech, authorizing electronic payments to Client.  FirsTech will complete the transmission of electronic instructions input by Authorized Users to effect the debiting of Authorized Users’ accounts or the crediting of Client’s designated bank account or accounts (“Client Bank Accounts”) via electronic funds transfer (EFT), automated clearing house (ACH) or by other method mutually agreed to by the Parties and Authorized User.  Client acknowledges that the crediting of Client Bank Accounts (or debiting in the event of a chargeback) may be performed by Processors contracted by FirsTech, and the actual electronic payments may be controlled by such Processors.  FirsTech is not responsible for delays caused by such Processors.

2. Services

(a) FirsTech will provide a mobile bill payment processing system to facilitate the processing of ACH, debit and credit card payments initiated by Client customers enrolled in the mobile bill pay program.  The verification of credit card numbers and amount authorization will be processed in real time.

(b) FirsTech will provide and host an online account management website allowing Client customers to enroll in the mobile bill payment program, in addition to managing the tenders applicable to the transactions.

(c) FirsTech will make online account management available by use of a “smart phone” in addition to the online account management tools available via the internet.

(d) FirsTech will provide Client data related to customers/accounts enrolled in the mobile bill payment program.

(e) FirsTech will effectuate all funds transfers (payments and returns/charge backs) to/from Client’s bank concentration account.

(f) FirsTech will include all processed payments in the daily file transmission to Client. Payment source will be identified as Mobile Bill Pay in all reporting.

(g) FirsTech will provide billing data provided by Client to enrolled accounts via SMS text message allowing customers to respond with payment intentions.  FirsTech will provide a unique identifier to enrolled accounts upon successful completion of the payment transaction.

(h) FirsTech will provide Client the option of sending informational SMS text message announcements to all accounts enrolled in the mobile bill payment program.

(i) FirsTech will allow customers to delay the processing of their payment transaction by a number of days (set by the customer enrolled in the mobile bill payment program).

3. Access

Client will have access to payment information processed through this system through the current infrastructure.

4. Additional Client Obligations.

(a) Client will provide customer data including account, “no check” identifier, balance due and due date in either the current data file provided by Client

(b) Client will facilitate the placement of a link on the Client website to allow Client customers access to the mobile bill payment account management tool hosted by FirsTech.