Master Payment Processing Services Agreement

Online Bill Payments Services Schedule Addendum

1. Client System Access

Client will provide its employees and agents authorized by Client (“Authorized Users”) with use of its automated bill payment system (the “Client System”),Authorized Users will be permitted access to the Client System and will be able to enter information that will transmit to FirsTech, authorizing electronic payments to Client.  FirsTech will complete the transmission of electronic instructions input by Authorized Users to effect the debiting of Authorized Users’ accounts or the crediting of Client’s designated bank account or accounts (“Customer Bank Accounts”) via electronic funds transfer (EFT), automated clearing house (ACH) or by other method mutually agreed by the Parties and Authorized User.  Client acknowledges that the crediting of Customer Bank Accounts (or debiting in the event of a chargeback) may be performed by Processors contracted by FirsTech, and the actual electronic payments may be controlled by such Processors.  FirsTech is not responsible for delays caused by such Processors.

2. Services

FirsTech will provide an online bill payment processing system to facilitate the processing of ACH, debit and credit card payments initiated by Client customers enrolled in the online bill pay program.