Give Your Customers Access to 10,000+ Companies to Collect For

Consisting of approximately 6,000 agent locations, FirsTech's established and growing network is an industry leader. Your customers will be grateful for a one-stop bill pay center and will not only use/buy other products and services, they will keep coming back.

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In Person Payment - FirsTech Payments Solutions
Why Become a FirsTech Agent?
Utility - FirsTech Payments Solutions

We understand the In-Person Bill Pay space is very personal

Utility - FirsTech Payments Solutions

Good customer service

Utility - FirsTech Payments Solutions

Assurance for payments to go where they are supposed to and fast

Utility - FirsTech Payments Solutions

Easy to use web-based application for bill payments

Utility - FirsTech Payments Solutions

Fast and accurate transaction process

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Access to Municipalities

Having Authorized Utility, Insurance partnerships across the country, FirsTech also gives each Agent in the network access to many other municipalities:

Municipalities Payment - FirsTech Payments Solutions
Municipalities Payment - FirsTech Payments Solutions
Satellite Providers
Municipalities Payment - FirsTech Payments Solutions
Municipalities Payment - FirsTech Payments Solutions
Credit Card Issuers
Municipalities Payment - FirsTech Payments Solutions
Cable Providers
Municipalities Payment - FirsTech Payments Solutions
Mortgage Institutions
Technical Support

FirsTech offers agents the highest level of support in the industry. Call center support is available 24/7 for system software/hardware support and troubleshooting.

FirsTech also provides assistance in bank balancing and account reconciliation. Its online agent information site provides an up-to-date system manual, system updates and changes, software and hardware drivers, and a host of other valuable information, all available 24/7.

Digital Payments - FirsTech Payments Solutions
Add FirsTech to Your Line of Clerk-Assisted Services and Watch Your Revenue Grow.
Important Message

All FirsTech's Walk-In Bill Payment Systems are fully operational. Have you made any changes to your Bill Pay Center hours of operation? Please call 1-800-800-1598 or email us at Please keep your workstation clear of clutter and sanitize it frequently.


For technical assistance, contact the FirsTech Helpdesk, please call 800-800-1598

New Location?

If you are an existing FirsTech Agent and would like to add Bill Pay Services to a new location, please call 1-800-800-1596