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Being a Walk-in Partner Agent with FirstPay has many advantages.  Not only for your business, but for your customers.  Being the go-to bill pay station in your community provides value to your community and increases foot-traffic to your location.  Being a bill pay Agent Partner with FirstPay will anchor your business and provide for long term success.

What is a FirstPay Agent?

A FirstPay Partner Agent, for walk-in bill Payments, is a business inside your business.  You will be representing major utility companies and many other companies as a bill payment center.  These companies have agreements with us and these key agreements will allow you to earn commissions by accepting their payments from their consumers.

Why should you be a walk-in bill payment center?

Our clients (billers), need a strategic presence in communities across the country. Many of their customers prefer to pay their bills in-person. This is where you come in. By Partnering with FirstPay, you will earn money for every transaction you execute. This of course puts money in your pocket, but it will boost your standing in the community and increase foot-traffic to your location. More foot-traffic will also boost your sales and be an added customer service. Best of all…it doesn’t cost a thing to be a FirstPay Agent. It’s a win-win!

How do you become a walk-in payment center?

The first step is to fill out the short form below. From there, a FirstPay team member will contact you to collect some general information and answer any questions you have about the process and the FirstPay system.

Call 1.800.800.1596 to Learn More