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Being an Authorized Payment Agent with FirsTech has many advantages for your business, your customers and your community.  As an Agent Partner with FirstTech, customers will come in to pay their important bills, and they will also participate in other services your business provides.  

Benefits Of Being A FirsTech Agent?

  • Increase foot-traffic to your business
  • Provide valuable customer service to your community
  • Increase your passive sales revenue
  • Increase your retail/service sales revenue

Why Should You Become An Authorized Bill Payment Center?

  • Earn fees for transacting bill payments
  • No cost  to you to become an Authorized Agent
  • Collect customer bill payments for major national utility companies
  • Provide your customers access to thousands of other companies - cellular, credit card, cable and many more 
  • Increase customer retention and loyalty


What are the steps to become an authorized bill payment center?

Our New Agent Registration is simple...

  • Click the application button below to be directed to the registration sign-up
  • Fill out a short registration & application
  • Wait for our New Agent Expert Team to contact you

*Approximate turn around time is 24 hours