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For our clients who want to allow their customers to pay at the grocery store, the market or any one of our other 4,000 authorized agents, FirsTech manages an extensive payment network of walk-in agents around the country. These agents include check cashing stores, grocery and convenience stores, banks and others that receive payments from customers efficiently and securely.

To enable that efficiency, FirsTech provides a clerk assisted, internet based processing solution that collects and posts payments in real time. Leveraging our customized reporting system clients may view all payment data in their preferred format.

Provides access to an extensive agent network managed by FirsTech - increasing the payment footprint and accelerating receipt of payment.

  • Payment data is transmitted and posted in real time - improving cash flow
  • Real time transaction detail is available - reducing costs associated with premature customer service shut-offs and costly reconnects
  • Payment Activity can be researched online in seconds - creating process efficiencies
  • FirsTech assumes all responsibility for recruiting, setting up agents, handling agent inquiries or shipping supplies - allowing Client resources to be directed to more critical business activities
  • FirsTech identifies the appropriate agent network to meet specific customer needs - to enhance participation
  • Immediate access to FirsTech's nationwide agency network - increasing speed to market

Our client's accelerate cash leading to DSO reduction and working capital optimization without any investment in setting up and maintaining an agent network.

  • Accelerated cash by leveraging a larger payment footprint leading to DSO reduction and working capital optimization
  • Improved operational efficiency by eliminating cost and resources required to recruit, set up and maintain an agent network
  • Removal of potential costs or customer alienation associated with premature customer service shut-offs and costly reconnects through visibility to real time transaction detail
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction through provision of a broader footprint of payment options - making it more convenient for customers to pay their bill wherever they choose
  • Increased efficiency and reduced integration costs - through FirsTech's one link, one file exchange!

Walk-in centers leverage an easy to use web based front-end platform with real-time interfaces for posting payments received.

  • Web based front-end platform with real-time Application Program Interface (API)
  • Easy to Use Internet Agent Solution
  • Highly scalable and customizable for any agent or group of agents
  • Identification of the appropriate agent network to meet walk-in needs
  • Manage all contracting, equipping, training and support of agents' need
  • Process all payments and manage agent compensation
  • Receive payment data in customizable format
  • Customized reporting system
  • 24/7 technical support

Providing more payment options; Accelerating cash; Reducing internal costs; Taking customer satisfaction to a new level; Negating process inefficiencies; Eliminating security risk; Reinforcing your market leadership.

FirsTech is your Partner to business success!

  • FirsTech offers a comprehensive suite of payment processing solutions to cater to every need - both yours and your customers
  • FirsTech utilizes a comprehensive, cost-effective approach to automating agents
  • Solutions are highly scalable and customizable by Client
  • Firstech provides over 30+ years of experience in providing Clients with best-practice expertise both in regard to what works well and pit-falls to avoid
  • Our customized and personal level of service ensures rapid turn-around timeframes for requests
  • All technical support personnel are local and fully accessible 24/7
  • Payments are transmitted and updated in real time
  • Funds are secure as all processed funds are delivered directly to client's account
  • We are a leader in new technology solutions that meet market demands by virtue of our dedication of gathering our clients' input into the product development roadmap

Solutions for Flexibility and Convenience

Many customers want the flexibility and convenience of paying wherever they are. FirsTech supports Walk-in payments, enables our clients' Customer Service Representatives to take payments over the phone or through an IVR. And, for the ultimate convenience, with Direct Debit, monies are withdrawn automatically from the customer account.

"To provide our customers with innovative systems, processes and services of the highest quality in the customer payment processing industry".

- FirsTech Payments Mission Statement

FirsTech, Inc

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